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February 02 2018

Try Quick Key's Gridded Response Format for Your Next Math Assessment

February 01 2018

Quizalize Launches New Insights Features
How to Add Audio, Video, and Picture Notes to Padlet Walls
Ranked Responses - New Microsoft Forms Question Types
Three Ways to Add Audio to Google Slides
Math, Rocks, and Overlooked Features - The Month in Review

January 31 2018

Add Live Polls and Q&A to Your PowerPoint Slides
The History of the State of the Union Address
How to Add Q&A to Your Google Slides Presentations

January 29 2018

LinguaPracticaVR - Learn English in Virtual Reality
Code for Life - Coding Challenges and Lesson Plans
Create Your Own Google Expeditions
A Free Teleprompter

January 27 2018

Slides, Mount Rushmore, and Tours - The Week in Review
Gamifying Writing Instruction
Ten Overlooked Google Docs Features

January 26 2018

A Periodic Table of AR and VR Apps
Important News About Adobe Spark
The Coolest Thing I Saw at BETT Today!

January 25 2018

Peter Pig Helps Kids Learn About Money
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