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June 19 2018

Google's "Be Internet Awesome" Curriculum is Now Available in Spanish
4 Fun Summer Science Activities
The Myth of the Giant's Causeway Explained
Add Voice Recordings to Maps
Short Lessons on the Longest Day of the Year

June 18 2018

Grackle - Assess the Accessibility of Your Google Docs & Slides
Google Tasks to Become a Core G Suite Service
Huge Flipgrid News! - All Features Now Free
A Quick and Easy Way to Create Printable Mazes

June 17 2018

Games, Screencasting, and Ducks - The Week in Review

June 15 2018

Educational Games for Elementary School Science Lessons

June 13 2018

Now You and Your Students Can Create Quizzes in Kahoot's Mobile App
An Easy Speech-to-Text Option for Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint
Adverbs, Themes, and Labels - New Immersive Reader Features
Crayon - Super Simple Collaborative Whiteboard

June 12 2018

Three Ways to Use Screencasting In Your Classroom
Updated - 5 Online, Collaborative Whiteboard Services
A Spreadsheet of Phones That Do and Don't Support Google Expeditions

June 11 2018

if You Want to Create Polite Digital Citizens...
Three Good PowerPoint Add-ins for Math Teachers
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