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February 19 2016

Fun Math Activities for Parents To Do With Their Kids

February 18 2016

Growth Mindset - Big Ideas for the Classroom
C-SPAN Offers a Free Electoral College Poster and Lesson Plans

February 17 2016

Quizalize - Create Interactive Review Games to Play Synchronously or Asynchronously
How to Use Find & Replace in Google Docs
A Convenient New Way to See Who Has Access to Your Google Drive Folders
PicLits - Inspire Creative Stories Through Pictures
4 Videos That Help Students & Parents Understand Financial Aid
5 Dice - A Fun Math Activity on iPads

February 15 2016

The Electoral College Explained
The Clear Alternative to Evernote Clearly
How to Create Video-based Quizzes on Blubbr

February 14 2016

Reading Lessons for President's Day
The US Presidents in Google Earth
How to Get Add-ons in the New Version of Google Forms

February 13 2016

The Week in Review - Snow and Ice
How to Create a Collaborative Whiteboard Space on NotebookCast
7 Tools for Creating Multimedia Quizzes Compared in One Chart

February 12 2016

Rate Some Educational Videos and Inspire Your Students
How to Resize Videos in Google Forms
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