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July 21 2018

Feedback, Focus, and Cars - The Week in Review
How to Create an Animated GIF
Say Goodbye to Old Google Forms

July 20 2018

An Easy Way to Find Images for Google Slides Presentations
ClassTag's Parent-Teacher Engagement Contest Will Award $10,000 for Classroom Supplies (Kind of)
An Easy Way to Find 360 Videos to View in Google Cardboard
Practical Ed Tech Webinar - Google Earth, Maps, and VR in Your Classroom

July 19 2018

How to Use Blended Play for Classroom Review Games
A Great Example of Sharing Stories Through Google's My Maps
How to Add Music to Google Slides
Add Music to Your Google Slides With the AudioPlayer Chrome Extension

July 18 2018

Formatically Offers a New Instant Citation Tool
Three Ways to Record and Share Video Notes in Real-time
How to Protect Student Privacy With Blurring Effects in Videos
10 Tools for Gathering Real-time Feedback From Students

July 17 2018

7 TED-Ed Food Science Lessons
Ten Common Challenges in 2018
These Chrome Extensions Can Help You Stay On Task
Three Tools That Can Help You Save Time on Routine Tasks

July 14 2018

An Easy Way to Create a GIF from Google Slides
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