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May 27 2018

Five Options for Creating Animated Videos on Your Chromebook
A Timeline JS Timeline of Wall Street

May 26 2018

Geography, Portfolios, and Programming - The Week in Review
Turn CSV Files Into Heat Maps
Google Forms & Sheets for Beginners - Practical Ed Tech Webinar Next Week
Discover Primary Sources by Browsing the World Digital Library Maps

May 24 2018

How to Include a Flickr Slideshow in Google Sites
How to Embed Your Slideshows Into Your Blog

May 23 2018

Where Is That Summer Paycheck Going? - A Lesson for High School Students
An Interactive Story Building Lesson
Google Offers a Sites Conversion Tool - Domain Admins Take Note

May 22 2018

Speaker Deck - A Simple Way to Share Your Slides
ClassDojo Introduces a New Digital Portfolio Option

May 21 2018

Three Ways to Develop Programming Skills This Summer
A Quick Google Docs Formatting Tip
Three Ways to Keep Track of Students' Blog Entries
11,000 People Get Their Ed Tech Tips Here

May 20 2018

Nine Fun and Challenging Geography Games

May 19 2018

Virtual Reality and Black Flies - The Week in Review
City Guesser - A Challenging Map Game
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