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February 19 2017

The Things I Wish Every Teacher Knew About Technology...
How to Use the Hexagon Learning Template from ClassTools

February 18 2017

This Creepily Named Site Reminds Us To Check Facebook Privacy Settings
Presidential Historians Survey Ranks the Presidents of the United States

February 17 2017

Get a Free Presidential Timeline Poster for Your Classroom
Hexagon Learning Template
Practical Ed Tech BYOD Camp FAQ

February 16 2017

Three Ways for Students to Create Digital Flashcards
Quickly Create Bingo Boards In Google Sheets
The Art of Storytelling - Pixar in a Box

July 10 2015

ISTE Brainwaves
Measure Yourself - Comparing the Feet of Animals
Try Strikingly to Create Beautiful Webpages
A Nice Tool for Creating Animated Maps

July 08 2015

How to Import an RSS Feed Into Google Sites
Explore the Tour de France in Google Earth
Realtime Board Offers Collaborative Brainstorming Tools on Your Laptop and Tablet
Try the Office Compatibility Extension to Open & Edit Files in Chrome
Help Next Vista Choose the Best Student and Teacher Videos of the Year
Join Me for a Morning and Afternoon of Free Webinars
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