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March 27 2017

How to Add Spoken Audio to Google Slides

March 26 2017

How to Create Short Answer Activities in Socrative
How Formatically Helps Students Format Essays in MLA Style
PD Webinar - Fun With Formative Assessments

March 25 2017

The Week in Review - The Most Popular Posts
How to Add Interactive End Screens to YouTube Videos

March 24 2017

Kupiter - Asteroids Meets Review Game
Create and Track ACT & SAT Prep Activities in PrepFactory
3 Online Alternatives to Audacity
Use Socrative to Create Quiz Games That Accept Short Answers
Free Through the Weekend - Teach Your Monster to Read Mobile Apps
Students Evaluating Student Work
Choice Eliminator Lite - Remove Choices from Google Forms as They're Used

March 22 2017

Protecting Online Accounts With Strong Passwords - Video
Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp - Super Early Discounts End Soon
Three Audio Slideshow Projects for Teaching Basic Video Production
What Makes a Poem?
Free Webinar - Storyboard That in Your Classroom

March 21 2017

Madmagz - Collaboratively Create Online Magazines
30Hands Has Removed Free App - Try These Alternatives
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